Online Classes


Online Classes - Info:

1. Zoom
Online classes take place in the Zoom-app. This app is free of charge and available for PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet. You can find all necessary info on the official Zoom website.


2. Schedules:
The schedules for all classes can be found on this page.


3. Registrations:

It is absolutely necessary to sign up for all classes as the number of students per class is limited (15 students). All the classes are managed via Doodles. As soon as a class is full, I’ll remove it from the Doodle. Please bear in mind that this means you will not be able to change your mind and the class will be due payment.

If a class isn’t visible in the Doodle, that means it’s fully booked.

Every Saturday, you will receive a link for the registrations for the upcoming week. I can, of course, add your name to the mailing list; just send me an email!


4. Material:
You’ll need your yoga mat, a block (or something similar) and a rope (idem).


5. Prices
The price per class is 10 euros.
BE24 0012 3492 0538 (Eric Rozen)


This message is also available in : French